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  • Don’t Sweat It! The Benefits of Micro Encapsulation Technology™ in Electrolytes

    Electrolytes are essential minerals found in the body, needed for hydration, blood acidity regulation, nutrient absorption, and nerve and muscle function. If you have ever looked at our Complete Electrolytes or SafeSalt, you might have read something about Micro Encapsulation Technology. But what is this and why is it important?
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    Ascorbyl Monophosphate: A Stable Form of Vitamin C

    Did you know that there is more than one form of vitamin C? You may be wondering: if this is the case, which one is best for my horse?
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    Vitamin E-ssential - The Importance of Vitamin E Supplementation

    Have you ever wondered why vitamin E supplementation is so important for some horses? Ensuring that your horse receives all of the necessary vitamins and minerals can be difficult, and with so many supplements and balancers available it can be hard to know which one is right for them. In this article we will discuss the importance of vitamin E, how much is appropriate for your horse, and which type you should look for in the ingredients lists.
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    Boswellia vs. Boswellic Acid: Which is better?

    There are a multitude of equine joint supplements on the market that contain Boswellia, and it can be difficult to decide which one contains the most beneficial amount. How many times have you looked at the packaging of a supplement and wondered what all of it really means?
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    Insulin Sensitivity: Why it is important for our horses

    One of the most significant health challenges that the leisure horse population has to cope with is insulin sensitivity, or perhaps more accurately, insulin dysregulation (ID). If you have ever experienced the heartbr...
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    Helping to hydrate our horses

    Did you know that from a nutritional perspective, water is described as the first limiting nutrient? While all of the six nutrient classes (protein, lipid, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and water) have essential f...
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    Customer Spotlight: Heidi Ford Eventing

    Background Heidi Ford is a 16 year old event rider competing her three horses up to CCI2* level. Riding on numerous cheeky but talented ponies, Heidi is currently competing at Junior level, with the overall aim of sec...
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    Muscling In: Supporting Your Horse’s Muscle Health

    The health and function of our horses muscles is essential to ensure that they can perform at their very best, whether that be international level or local riding club.   For hard working horses especially, additional...
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    Customer Spotlight: Lynn & Sprite

    Background Lynn has owned her Section D gelding, Sprite, since he was 6 months old. Seen by chance while out cycling on holiday in Wales, Sprite was a welcomed addition to the family, most notably as a companion for t...
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    More Muscle, More Quickly?

    There are three core principles when aiming to stimulate muscle development, and these principles largely apply across species: Positive Energy Balance: In simple terms there must be more calories going in than are b...
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    Science Supplements Launches New MuscleAid Supplement

    Science Supplements, are proud to announce the launch of its latest equine supplement, MuscleAid ™; a comprehensive muscular support for horses prone to soreness, fatigue or slow recovery. Renowned for our manufacture...
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    Reducing Joint Damage In Horses

    What damages joints? The role of a synovial joint is to allow friction free movement between the ends of bones. Another important role of a synovial joint is to act as a shock absorber. Just like any part of the body,...
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