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  • Customer Spotlight: Heidi Ford Eventing


    Heidi Ford is a 16 year old event rider competing her three horses up to CCI2* level. Riding on numerous cheeky but talented ponies, Heidi is currently competing at Junior level, with the overall aim of securing a place in the BEU18 Champs.

    Heidi was first introduced to the Science Supplements range in 2019. Following a successful campaign at the Pontispool Region Finals, which saw Heidi qualify for Badminton, she received a Science Supplements goodie bag as part of her prize.

    At the time Heidi had a very spooky horse called Bimini, so decided to put her prize to good use and trial him on ProKalm.

    Since then, Heidi has expanded her use of the Science Supplements range with her string of horses, regularly using the FlexAbility Plus for her competition mare, Contessa and young 5YO, DellBoy.

    Products In Action

    ProKalm: Perfect for "taking the edge off" horses. A unique combination of herbal extracts and amino acids and does not contain valerian, magnesium or tryptophan. ProKalm does not sedate or affect performance.

    FlexAbility Plus:  The only joint supplement to have scientific research that proves efficacy. Provides declared levels of key compounds involved in cartilage synthesis and supports using a unique combination and optimal levels of scientifically proven ingredients, including glucosamine, low molecular weight chondroitin, MSM, short chain omega 3 fatty acids DHA & EPA, hyaluronic acid (HA) and Vitamin C.

    The Results?

    “At the time of trialing ProKalm I had a really tricky gelding called Bimini. Travelling and competing was always a challenge; he was more interested in what was going on around him than on what he was supposed to be doing. After using ProKalm he was like a different horse, just so much more concentrated. As a result, I got so much more out of him.

    Having seen the fantastic results of the ProKalm range, I was keen to explore the wider range. For both my younger and slightly older horses, I use a maintenance rate of FlexAbility Plus.

    For my younger 5YO, Dell Boy, the aim of using a joint supplement is prevention. Since going into work, I have placed him on a maintenance rate to support his joint health while we produce him up the levels.

    For Contessa, my 15YO competition mare, as she now transitions into breeding, it is key that her joint health is optimum.

    I can’t recommend the Science Supplements range enough, the research behind the products is second to none and testament to the great results I have enjoyed since using the products!”

    For a Nutritional Consultation for your horse, please contact us.

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