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  • The Magic of Movement

    Dogs are incredible creatures. For thousands of years, they have lived alongside us. They have shared our homes, our food and even sometimes our beds. We have altered their physical appearance and even aspects of beha...
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    Does The Change In Season Affect Our Dogs?

    If you live with one or more canine friends, you might have noticed more dog hair around than usual lately. There might be a few more ‘dust bunnies’ appearing in corners and your vacuum cleaner might look distinctly m...
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    New Year Resolutions For Your Dog

    January can be a tricky month. The promise of longer days, warmer weather and more sunshine is on the horizon. Already, plants and buds are starting to grow and awaken, and other signs of new life are slowly starting ...
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    Festive Fun and Safety for our Dogs

    Festive fun and frolics are just around the corner. A wonderful time for fun, friends, families, and festivities. For our canine companions, the festive season can also be a time full of games, presents and activity. ...
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    Winter Workouts: Keeping Our Dogs Active In Winter

    Winter is here. Days are short and the nights are dark. The weather is colder and wetter. This combination often means that keeping ourselves active becomes even more challenging than normal. The same applies to our d...
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    How To Keep Your Dog Calm On Halloween & Bonfire Night

    The nights are drawing in and autumn is definitely in the air. For many dogs, this is a fun time of year. Outdoor walks are filled with scent. Leaves start to accumulate in piles just waiting to be rolled in and when ...
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    How To Support Our Senior Dogs

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that our dogs age far faster than we would like them to. It sometimes seems hardly any time from them being a cheeky, bouncy puppy, to them taking life a little steadier and thei...
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    Keeping Your Dog Fit and Flexible

    Did you know that the single most important thing you can do to help your dog (and horse!) live a long, healthy life, is to help them maintain a lean bodyweight and condition? Science consistently supports the benefit...
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    Getting your dog ready for the summer holidays

    The dog days of summer are nearly here – some might say they already are - and the holiday season is just around the corner. Whether you are planning a staycation or travelling further afield with your canine companio...
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    When An Itch Becomes A Scratch: Supporting Your Dog's Skin & Coat Health

    Next time you stroke your dog, take a moment to marvel at their skin and coat. Yes, different dogs have different coat types – from silky to smooth, wiry to fuzzy – but skin and coat condition are closely linked. Not ...
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    Supporting The Health of Our Dogs Joints: The What, The Why & The How

    Our dogs were made for walking. They were also made for running, playing, jumping, and a whole host of other activities that give both them and us enormous pleasure. Keeping our dogs active is an important way to help...
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    New Canine Supplements Paw-ssionate About The Science

    Science Supplements are proud to announce the launch of an all new canine supplement range. As an award-winning retailer, best known for our comprehensive range of equine supplements, today we launched an all new line...
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