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  • How does the packaging of horse treats affect their palatability and shelf-life?

    The use of treats in animal training and management is becoming commonplace. The packaging that treats are stored and sold in varies but should protect the contents from environmental challenges and maintain the integ...
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    Is obesity linked to low grade systemic inflammation in horses?

    It is well recognised that human obesity is linked with systemic inflammation and predisposes the individual to multiple diseases. However, it is unproven if obese equines also produce more inflammatory mediators and ...
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    Do supplements containing turmeric and devil’s claw irritate the equine stomach?

    Supplements containing turmeric and devil’s claw are frequently recommended and fed to horses with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis due to the inhibitory effect these compounds have on the production of the i...
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    Are alterations in the gut microbiota responsible for equine Faecal Water Syndrome?

    Faecal Water Syndrome (FWS) is a condition where affected equids pass droppings of normal consistency but they are accompanied by watery faecal content either before, during or afterwards1. The cause of FWS remains un...
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    Does concurrent omeprazole prevent gastric ulceration with phenylbutazone (bute) therapy?

    Non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs (NSAID e.g. phenylbutazone, “bute”) are commonly used for treatment of inflammation, fever and pain in horses. Adverse effects of these drugs include kidney damage and ulceration ...
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    Is sprouted barley beneficial to gut health?

    Sprouted cereals have a better digestibility and contain oligosaccharides that act as prebiotics improving and stabilising the intestinal flora. Researchers in Spain have recently studied if supplementation with germi...
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    Novel camera pill to visualise the gastrointestinal tract

    It is difficult to perform a thorough internal examination of the horse’s intestinal tract which often limits the ability to diagnose intestinal disease. Imaging techniques are mainly limited to examination of the sto...
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    Sweet-Itch, Equine Asthma & The Gastrointestinal Tract

    A large component of immunity is linked to what is going on within the gastrointestinal tract and a large amount of the body’s immune cells reside within the gastrointestinal tract (Vighi et al. 2008). The gut microbi...
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    Is Acute Colic Associated with Changes in the Equine Colonic Microbiome?

    The horse’s hindgut (large colon) is populated with billions of micro-organisms that help digest the large quantities of cellulose (a type of complex carbohydrate) consumed in a forage-based diet. Horses cannot digest...
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    Oxidative stress is evident in horses with equine gastric ulcer syndrome

    Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) is common in horses. Studies show that over 90% of horses in strenuous athletic work, such as racing Thoroughbreds and endurance horses have ulcers on gastroscopy (scoping the stom...
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    The effect of high-starch diets on hindgut (faecal) bacteria and behaviour in horses

    Research into diet and behaviour and the effects on the digestive system has increased significantly in the past decade, with many researchers looking at the effects of different diets on bacteria in faeces. Whilst id...
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    Australian Study Looks At How Fast Horses Eat And Finds That Clydesdales Might Be Greedy!

    Horses that are quick eaters, especially when eating cereal based feeds, are considered to be at higher risk of behavioural problems and digestive problems, especially choke. Whilst choke by itself is not life-threate...
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