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  • Customer Spotlight: Rosemary & Tilly


    Rosemary has owned her 14hh Connemara competition mare, Tilly (Easter Star ll), for over ten years.

    As a combination they regularly compete at BE including qualifying  for the Area Festivals, most notably at Frickley Park where Rosemary was first introduced to the Science Supplements range.

    Towards the end of the 2021 season, Rosemary noticed a change in Tilly’s behaviour. Like many horse owners who live with their horses, you notice when they are out of sorts. Tilly started chewing her lead rope and displayed discomfort when her girth was tightened.

    Following a gastroscopy, Tilly was diagnosed with Gastric Ulcers and set on a course of treatment.

    Finding The Right Solution

    Having previously suffered with Laminitis, Tilly was already on a lean, controlled diet to prevent future flare ups.

    What’s more, having previously sampled a starch heavy, liquid based gastric supplement, Rosemary was keen to find a gastric supplement that soothed the stomach lining, without compromising Tilly’s dietary requirements.

    Following consultation with her vet, Rosemary contacted Science Supplements in January 2022 to better understand the make up and formulation of our GastroKind product.

    Products In Action: GastroKind, to provide antacid support, sooth the stomach lining, and with antioxidant properties mop up free radicals that play a role in the inflammatory nature of gastric ulcers

    Products In Action: ImmunAid, to support the immune system where a low white blood cell count was found

    Products In Action: Complete Electrolytes, to supply a comprehensive range of electrolytes that are particularly needed for moderate/hard workload

    The Results?

    In the short time Tilly has been on the above combination, she has returned to her normal self.

    “I feel like I have my pony back! Tilly brought me back from the brink after some bad years where I lost all my confidence. I am 67 and it means so much to me to be able to continue to ride Tilly; she really is my best friend!

    Since introducing the GastroKind and ImmunAid supplements into her diet, Tilly has rediscovered her joy for competing – she is back to her happy self.

    The Nutritional Team at Science Supplements took the time to understand Tilly’s medical history and consulted with their own in-house vet before suggesting products… I trust in the advice they have given.

    Tilly and I are looking forward to competing at our first event of 2022 at Norton Disney in early April.”

    For a Nutrirional Consultation for your horse, please contact us

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