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  • Customer Spotlight: Lauren & Mega


    Lauren has owned 9 year old sports horse mare Mega for 4 years, with high hopes of competing. But in 2020 Mega was diagnosed with kissing spine and gastric ulcers after she seemed a little off in her ridden work with noticeably more tail swishing, occasionally could be reluctant to go forward as well as becoming sensitive to grooming around her abdomen area.

    Finding The Right Supplement

    Following successful surgery and ulcer treatment in 2021, Lauren did lots of her own research into ways that she could support Mega long term, including some reading of Dr David Marlin’s articles, and getting in touch with an independent nutritionist for advice.

    Following her own research and independent advice, Lauren chose to try supporting Mega with GastroKind, and then subsequently also started supporting her on Gut Balancer.

    Products In Action: GastroKind

    Lauren chose to support with GastroKind in order to continue providing some antacid effectiveness, and also help her benefit from award-winning all-round support that soothes the tissue lining, promotes healthy digestive processes, and provide ingredients with anti-oxidant properties.

    Products In Action: Gut Balancer

    As Mega still seemed not totally relaxed at times, particularly when stabled for long periods, Lauren introduced Gut Balancer to help support her hind gut function as a pathway towards helping her stress, comfort, and digestion.

    The Results?

    Following the use of this combination, Mega is now much happier, chilled out and relaxed - both in and out of her stable. She’s much happier in her work, and with some additional Gut Balancer support when going to shows, is now a force to be reckoned with on the competition circuit – with a very respectable 4th place at her most recent BD area festival!

    “Knowing that Mega can be prone to Gastric Ulcers, I wanted to be confident that she her gut is supported in the best way possible.

    There are a huge range of supplements on the market it is tough to know which is the right one to pick, but with the backing of scientific research to ensure the supplements contain the right key ingredients and the right levels as well as being recommended by independent nutritionists, I knew I wouldn’t go far wrong with Science Supplements.

    The combination of Gut Balancer and Gastrokind made such a noticeable difference to Mega’s behaviour - I wouldn’t use anything else now. I have my happy horse back.”

    Mega is supported by:

    • 4Feet +
      • Helped improve growth of her hooves where they’ve previously been slow. Click here for further information about this product. 
    • FlexAbility Plus
      • To promote the health of her joints and comfort of her back following her kissing spine diagnosis. Click here for further information about this product. 
    • GastroKind
      • To promote long term health and comfort of her stomach and foregut. Click here for further information about this product. 
    • Gut Balancer
      • To promote healthy hind gut digestion and comfort. Click here for further information about this product. 

    Follow Lauren and Mega on their jounrey on Instagram @adventuresofmegatron

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