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  • The Importance of Research

    Here at Science Supplements we talk a lot about research and facts. But why should we believe what the research says?

    Why is research important?

    Research allows us to investigate, prove and disprove theories. It enables us to improve animal welfare through gaining a better understanding of how animals work, think and behave. Through this understanding, we can recognize problems and invent solutions, as well as plan for further development. Without research, we would only have opinions and intuitions – science, however, is grounded in objective and tangible evidence.

    Why should I trust the research?

    You may be thinking ‘can’t I just check on Google?’, but the problem with the internet is that anyone, from anywhere, can post anything. There are several steps that occur during research, to ensure that it is valid and reliable.

    In order to perform scientific research, the researchers must submit a proposal to an ethics committee, who will decide whether it respects the rights, safety, and well-being of those taking part. Researchers must justify to the committee why the project is important, and how they will minimize any risk factors.

    Once the researcher has been granted ethical approval, performed their tests and observations and gathered data, then they will begin to analyse what they have found.  Statistical tests will be used to decide whether the results of their research are significant or not, and these statistics are completely objective. Opinions and ideas are not relevant when analysing results – the science speaks for itself. It is only after the results have been presented, that the researcher might discuss the how’s and why’s, and offer their opinion.

    Before the completed research can be published, it must be peer reviewed by other scientists and researchers. They ensure that the information is valid, truthful and free from bias, as well as written and presented in the correct manner.

    Now that I trust the research, what should I do with it?

    We all know that the equestrian community is averse to change. Research challenges us to think and act in new ways, and is ever-evolving. How many old-wives tales do you think are backed up by science? Probably not many, but they are all advised, used and trusted by all of us. The best thing you can do with the research is be open to it. Challenge your mind, and use that research to create a better environment for you and your horse.

    If research is so important, then surely all supplement companies perform it?

    You would be surprised to find out that most supplement companies do not use research to support their products, nor do they perform any themselves. Think about how many joint supplements are on the market. How many do you think have published research? Just one. And it’s ours. We have invested more time and research into our products than any other company, and it’s because we are open to science and change. Our products don’t follow trends; they follow research, and provide real results.

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