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  • Science Supplements Launches New Gut Balancer INSTAFIX Syringe

    Leading equine and canine nutrition specialists, Science Supplements, are proud to announce the launch of its latest equine supplement, Gut Balancer INSTAFIX Syringe, a highly concentrated Prebiotic and Probiotic paste that works rapidly to re-establish the horses’ normal gut function.

    Renowned for their manufacture and supply of supplements based on the latest scientific research, Gut Balancer INSTAFIX took 3 years to develop and has undergone 2 clinical trials to ensure it is the highest specification gut support paste available.

    Containing a highly concentrated protected probiotic and prebiotic paste with MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides) and Beta-glucans, Gut Balancer INSTAFIX is guaranteed to deliver the highest levels of Pre and Probiotics compared to any other paste.

    The clinically approved formula is for use in times of stress or change, including travelling, worming, vaccination, hard training, diet change, forage change, spring grass, competition and antibiotic treatment. What’s more, it is suitable for foals, mature horses and ponies.

    With additional new products on the horizon, Science Supplements CEO, David Mitson explains the brand has no intention of slowing down any time soon:

    “Following 3 intensive years of research and development, Gut Balancer INSTAFIX is the first of several new equine supplements we intend to launch this year, alongside a host of new rider partnerships supporting the very best British riders at the top of the sport.

    We are proud to be the UK leaders in equine supplement development and we are on a mission to educate customers about emerging research and most importantly how to make an informed choice about the supplements they use for equine welfare and performance.”

    For a limited time only, enjoy the launch offer of 3 for 2 on all Gut Balancer INSTAFIX purchases.

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