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  • Customer Spotlight: Victoria & Sprite

    Victoria has owned her 9YO thoroughbred cross KWPN mare, Sprite, for over 4 years.

    A quiet character, Sprite has always been sound sensitive. While she doesn’t exhibit naughty behaviour, if her brain isn’t engaged in her work, Sprite is easily distracted and will always look for something lurking in the shadows… or rather pheasants in the bushes!

    Similarly, when schooling, Victoria would always ride Sprite on the inner track of the school to minimize the risk of her knocking on the arena fencing and spooking. Victoria’s aim was to create an environment that Sprite felt at ease in, allowing for optimal concentration.

    Recommend A Friend

    Following a recommendation by her trainer who had enjoyed previous success with the Science Supplements ProKalm range, Victoria bought a 1.1kg pouch to trial its effect.

    “My trainer is not an individual easily won over by supplements. From a more “traditional” school of thought, I was surprised to hear that they were  recommending a supplement, let alone using one themselves! I couldn’t help but try it!”

    The Results

    No more than 14 days after starting on the ProKalm supplement did Victoria notice a marked improvement in Sprite’s concentration and willingness to school.

    “I was no longer having to work as hard to get her to settle and to that tipping point of work. Our progress came on in leaps and bounds and we moved from Preliminary to Novice dressage competitions.”

    The positive impact was not only seen in Sprite’s schooling, but also in her field behaviour.

    In April 2022 Sprite fractured the top of her tibia and tore her midelle patella ligament whilst out in the field. As a result, Sprite was required to have arthroscopic surgery and subsequently moved yard to support her rehabilitation. As a quiet, anxious mare with only two homes in her life, this experience was a highly triggering series of events, but thanks to ProKalm, Sprite took it all in her stride as Victoria explains:

    “Sprite handled the surgery, the two weeks away, the travel and the two yard moves and four months of box rest  so calmly and without fuss. ProKalm undoubtedly helped manage her anxiety during this incredibly stressful time.

    While as an owner I maintained as much consistency and routine as possible during this period, having the added support of ProKalm ensured that Sprite was able to manage her anxiety in whatwould have been an incredibly demanding and stressful period for her.”

    Supported By Science

    “Having never been a huge believer in  supplements due to the plethora of misleading information, Science Supplements has certainly changed my way of thinking!

    ProKalm has significantly helped Sprite to concentrate and build up my relationship with her. While she will always be sound sensitive, Sprite is now much better at acknowledging the sound, but not reacting to it.

    Following surgery, our vet recommended we also start Sprite on a joint supplement… and of course we have her on the Science Supplements Flexibility Plus! The products are backed by real research and real science, they are a brand we trust and highly recommend.”

    For a Nutritional Consultation for your horse, please contact us.

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