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  • Customer Spotlight: Laura & Jane


    Laura’s daughter has owned Jane, a 12 year old, 15.2hh, Irish Draft Cross Connemara, for over six years.

    As a combination, they competed at BD affiliated level, unaffiliated showjumping and low level eventing. Competing had always been for pleasure.

    In 2020, they started to notice that Jane was becoming less forward in competition and at home more reluctant to work. As a “darling horse” who is smart, with a keen to please character, this was out of sorts.

    What’s more, Jane’s muscles started to tighten and show signs of atrophy. In 2021, following a bout of mechanical laminitis, Jane was diagnosed with EMS (equine metabolic syndrome); a hormonal disorder associated with an inability to regulate blood insulin levels (insulin dysregulation).

    Later there was an additional diagnosis of PSSM (polysaccharide storage myopathy); a disease in horses that results in glycogen (the stored form of glucose) to build up in the muscles.

    Science Not Marketing

    With EMS, PSSM and a history of laminitis, Jane was already on a strictly controlled diet of soaked hay and no fresh grass.

    As a retired nurse herself, Laura was driven to ensure any solutions were backed by science and research.

    “All too often you see products that are just marketing with no scientific substance behind them to qualify their claims. We had invested time and money in solutions that simply didn’t work, anything new we were going to try next had to be backed by science.”

    Having previously used Science Supplements ProKalm on another horse, Laura called our Nutrition Helpline for help.

    “When I initially spoke to Sami, her initial suggestion was to remove some elements from her nutrition plan; it wasn’t to sell me product. This approach was highly refreshing as all too often a company will try and fill your feed bucket with as many of their products as possible! From this point on, I knew I could trust the team.”

    Finding The Right Solution

    Following exploration of Jane’s diet plan, it was suggested that she could benefit from the inclusion of Science Supplements FlexAbility Plus and Natural E into her routine. Combined, these improved Jane’s symptoms.

    “She was showing a lot of improvement on the Natural E and it is head and shoulders above the other vitamin E products we have tried, however, when we saw the launch of your MuscleAid product, we had to give it a try!”

    The Results?

    Within a week of starting Jane on MuscleAid, she showed significant signs of improvement including reduced tension,smoother movement and a freer stride.

    One month on, Jane continued to improve, displaying signs of greater comfort and a positive change in the previous muscle atrophy. 

    “The moment I saw MuscleAid was launched, I ordered it; I was desperate for something to help our PSSM mare. 

    In just four weeks we have seen a huge improvement. Jane feels softer and happier, and her physiotherapist has also commented to the same effect. She’s showing us she’s feeling great too; she is full of energy and has a real willingness to work which she lacked terribly before we tried this.

    We have had such amazing results with all the Science Supplement products we have tried and MuscleAid is quite literally astounding.

    I can truthfully say this product is incredible. It’s really not difficult to endorse this product as it literally speaks for itself in results.”

    For a Nutritional Consultation for your horse, please contact us.

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