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  • Customer Spotlight: Charlotte & Charmer


    Charmer is a 26YO Standardbred Pacer, owned by Charlotte Smith for over 17 years.

    Despite his age, Charmer has always been an excitable fellow, even in his older years; he thrives on exercise and loves his work. As a result, keeping the weight on him, has, at times, been a challenge.

    Finding The Right Solution

    Simply increasing Charmers feed was not the solution. While this may support weight gain, such approach is not sustainable for providing a balanced nutrition plan that fuels, satisfies and supports a horses wellbeing.

    What’s more, Charmer was already on a bespoke diet of grass nuts, simple systems top gain (lucerne leaf and linseed), salt, devils claw and Science Supplements Well Horse Veteran.

    A Veterinary Nurse by trade, Charlotte was driven to find a solution that was backed by science and research.

    “I didn’t want to put him on a complete feed and take him off the balancers and top gain. I was worried that he wouldn’t get everything he would need.

    As an owner, it is frustrating at how little information is out there; impartial, readily available advice is hard to find.”

    After reading and article by Dr David Marlin on the importance of Vitamin C & D for the older horse, Charlotte decided to start Charmer on Science Supplements WellHorse Veteran; a fully balanced vitamin, micromineral and macromineral support for the older horse.

    “I feel like I have tried every conditioning food out there and nothing was doing the job. I chose the WellHorse Veteran as it provided him with everything he needed as an older horse including gut, joint and immune support.”


    Ongoing Nutritional Support

    Since starting Charmer on WellHorse Veteran, Charlotte has been in touch with our expert Nutritionist Team to discuss her requirements further.

    “Despite the adjustments to his diet, Charmer still looked “ribby”. I decided to give the Science Supplements Team a call to discuss my case in more detail.

    The team were simply brilliant. Unlike other Nutritionists I spoke to, Science Supplements tackled questions regarding other brands head on… they even did a free comparison for me so I could clearly see the difference in ingredient quantity and quality!

    Thanks to their advice, I am now planning on trialing Charmer on Science Supplements Linseed Conditioner; a high oil, very low starch energy source.”

    For a Nutritional Consultation for your horse, please contact us.  

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